Welcome to the FindusNow Family

Where Home is More Than Just a Place, it's a Community.

We're on a mission to make home the most loved and cherished place on earth. And we're looking for driven individuals who share our passion and vision to join us on this exciting journey. Together, we can transform the home services industry and make a positive impact in the lives of millions.

Embrace a Career with Meaning

We don't just offer a job, we offer a purpose. You'll have the opportunity to be a part of something bigger, to make a real difference, and to be a part of a community that values your contributions. We believe in growth, creativity, and making a positive impact, and we're looking for individuals who share these values.

Nourish Your Mind, Body and Spirit

We understand that work is just one part of your life. That's why we strive to create a positive work-life balance for our employees. Our comprehensive benefits package is designed to support your well-being in all its forms, including:

  • Comprehensive Health Coverage: A complete package of medical, dental, vision, and more to keep you and your loved ones in optimal health.

  • 401K: Secure your future with our 401K program that matches 50% (up to 3%) of your contributions.

  • PTO: Flexible time off for salaried employees to achieve a work-life balance that suits you best.

  • Parental Leave: Birthing parents are eligible for up to 16 weeks of paid leave, with non-birthing parents receiving up to 8 weeks of bonding time.

  • Tuition Reimbursement: Grow and advance with us by taking advantage of our tuition reimbursement program for eligible employees.

  • Subsidized Family Care: We understand the importance of family, which is why we offer subsidized family care and a free premium membership to IAC's

  • Referral Bonuses: Know someone who would be a great fit? Refer them and receive a bonus when they're hired.

  • Headspace Access: Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. That's why we offer free access to Headspace anytime you need it.

  • Donate and Match: Make a difference in the world by donating to your favorite charity and we'll match your contribution up to $10,000 per year.

  • Our Values

    Customer-Centered Conversations:

    At FindUsNow, we prioritize our customers and always strive to make their experiences a little bit better. Every conversation we have is centered around what's best for them.

    Diversity in Teams:

    We serve a diverse range of customers, and it's important that our teams reflect that diversity. We believe that everyone deserves to feel at home, and strive to create a safe and inclusive work environment for all.

    Celebrating Momentum:

    We love to celebrate successes and turn our failures into learning opportunities. We recognize the power of momentum and do everything we can to help it grow.

    Owning Our Business:

    We approach our work as if it were our own business. We take pride in ownership, see our projects through to completion, and never pass the buck.

    Collaborative Debates:

    We welcome all voices to engage in open and honest debates. We believe that the best ideas come from productive discussions, and we work together to turn those debates into action.

    Growing Our Platform:

    We're all responsible for growing our platform and helping more owners and professionals find success. We aim to create the best experience for the most people and are constantly striving to improve.

    Risk-Taking with Results:

    We have a high tolerance for new mistakes and believe that taking risks can lead to valuable learning experiences. We take calculated risks to achieve measurable wins that drive our business forward.

    Efficient Value Delivery:

    We always strive to add more value than we take. We believe in being efficient and lean, so we can do more for our customers and continue to grow.

    Data-Driven Decisions:

    We rely on data and analysis, not opinions, to make decisions. We believe that data beats opinions and that it's essential for making informed decisions that drive our business forward.

    Journey to Joyful Work:

    We believe that the best work happens when we enjoy what we're doing and the people we're doing it with. We work together to create a fun and enjoyable work environment for all.

    Talent-Focused Approach:

    Our people are the heart of our business, and we invest in their development and advancement. We believe in hiring the right people for the job, providing them with opportunities to grow, and rewarding them for their hard work.

    Disagreeing as Individuals, Delivering as a Team:

    We believe in respectful and productive debates, and when it's time to act, we do so as a united team. We believe in disagreeing as individuals but delivering as a team to achieve our common goals.

    Better Today, Perfect Tomorrow:

    We believe in continuous improvement and are always striving to be better today than we were yesterday. We recognize that inaction is expensive and that decisions are reversible, so we're not afraid to take risks and make new mistakes.

    Delivering Tangible Wins:

    We focus on delivering tangible, measurable wins that move our business forward. We believe in tangible results that have real impact for our customers and for our business.

    A Home for All

    At FindusNow, we believe in creating a welcoming, inclusive, and safe environment for everyone. We celebrate diversity in all its forms and believe that it brings strength, creativity, and empathy to our culture. We want you to feel at home with us, no matter your background, beliefs or experiences.

    Join the FindusNow Family Today

    If you're searching for a meaningful career that offers growth, purpose, and impact, look no further. We're eager to welcome you to the FindusNow family and help you reach your full potential. Apply today and be a part of our mission to change the world, one home at a time.

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