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professionals to have the experience you need to keep your chimney clean and functioning while reducing the risk of a chimney fire. Cleaning your chimney is the best way to present a catastrophic chimney fire from occurring.

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Chimney sweeps might seem quaint and nostalgic, but if you've ever had a chimney fire, you understand the necessity of having one in to clean your chimney often during a season. If you enjoy fires in your fireplace once fall starts until spring temperatures start warming things up, you must have your chimney cleaned by a professional to avoid a potential chimney fire.

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We love fires in the fireplace as much as you do, but we understand how important it is to only build fires in chimneys that have been professional cleaned and given a clean bill of health to safely burn wood. Creosote builds up quickly and can catch fire easily, so if you burn more than a cord of wood a season, you need to have your chimney professional swept and cleaned between multiple cords of wood. Many homeowners like the beauty and comfort of a fire in the fireplace on a cold winter's day, but if you don't safeguard your home against a possible chimney fire, you're putting your house, your family, and all your belongings at unnecessary risk. Have a professional chimney sweep come out twice a season if you often have fires, or at least once before the winter season begins to clear out the creosote that's built up and could potentially catch on fire.

Chimney sweeps are the only professionals who can clean your fireplace flue and guarantee that you won't catch your chimney on fire. If you avoid this important seasonal task, you run the risk of your chimney catching on fire and potentially burning your house down. Don't take the risk. Get your chimney swept by a professional before you build the first fire of the new season. When you eliminate the creosote built up in your chimney, you eliminate the potential for a chimney fire that can put your family, home, and all your belongings are risk. It's an easy enough task to add to your list.

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Chimney cleaning is never a do-it-yourself project. It takes years of experience and specialized tools to clean the creosote out of your chimney and reduce the possibility of a chimney fire. If you have any reservations about whether your flue is properly clean, call a professional chimney sweep to evaluate your chimney. It's well worth the expense to be safe from a chimney fire than it is to risk the possibility, regardless of how remote it might be.

  • Knowledgeable professionals

    A qualified chimney sweep knows how to evaluate and inspect your chimney and find the potential creosote build up that is likely to catch on fire. Work with a professional chimney sweep to mitigate the potential for a chimney fire happening in your home this season. A professional chimney sweep will make sure your home is ready for fires in the fireplace this season without the risk of a chimney fire.

  • Get quality services

    You might think that burning some of the creosote logs might be ample protection against a possible chimney fire, but you would be sadly mistaken. While they have their place in the cleaning cycle of a chimney, they are by no means a replacement for a professional chimney sweep who can assure you your flue is ready for a new burning season.

  • Quality and safety first

    Most manufacturers won't warranty a chimney flue if you refuse to have it professionally cleaned each season. Always hire a professional chimney sweep to evaluate and clean your chimney before you use your fireplace for the new season. This small, but highly important maintenance step can make the difference between a catastrophic chimney fire and a safe season of fires in your fireplace.

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Why hire a Professional

A professional chimney sweep can help you ensure your home won’t be subject to a chimney fire in the new season. If it's been longer than a year or you've burned more than a cord of wood, it's time to have your chimney swept. Calling on a professional can mitigate the possibility of a chimney fire occurring in your home and spreading beyond the chimney. Why risk a chimney fire when you can easily and simply have a chimney sweep clean your flue and avoid the possibility of a chimney fire this season? It's better to be safe than sorry when dealing with creosote buildup in your chimney and fireplace that could lead to a potential chimney fire.

How do I know if I Need a Chimney Sweep?

  • Has it been a year since your last cleaning?

    If you answered yes to this question, you definitely need to have your chimney swept by a professional. Clearing out the creosote that builds up in your fireplace flue over a season can safeguard your home against a chimney fire that can have catastrophic results. Avoid the potential for a serious chimney fire by having your chimney professionally swept and cleaned before you build another fire in your fireplace.

  • Do you have multiple fires?

    Do you build multiple fires in your fireplace each week? You can benefit from having a chimney sweep come out and inspect your fireplace. Multiple fires a week can cause creosote to build up in your chimney, creating a greater risk of a chimney fire happening during the cold winter season. If you think you've burned a cord of wood or more, it past time to have your chimney inspected.

  • Do you understand the dangers inherent in multiple fires?

    If you start a fire in the morning to take the chill out of the air and keep a fire burning for most of the day, you might need your chimney cleaned more often than normal. Most fireplace manufacturers suggest you clean your fireplace if you burn a fire for more than four hours at a stretch, some even suggest less time. Research what your chimney manufacturer recommendations and have your chimney cleaned accordingly.

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Most chimney fires can be mitigated or eliminated by appropriate, consistent chimney sweeps performing regular maintenance. Chimney sweeps are not a quaint practice only seen in popular films, It is a serious maintenance effort that every homeowner should practice. Whether you often have fires in your fireplace or every now and then light something, you should have your chimney regularly swept to avoid a chimney fire with dire consequences.

You may be willing to push the bar on how often you get your chimney swept, but a single fire in your chimney flue will cause you to rethink this precaution. A chimney fire is serious and can have serious consequences for your home if it's not contained properly. Regardless of how clean you think your chimney is, it doesn't make sense to push the limit if you have regular fires in your fireplace.

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