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The dedicated professionals you will find here have the years of experience needed to provide a service that is both top-notch and affordable. They work hard to make sure every junk removal job is completed safely and responsibly. There are no hidden costs when you hire one of our listed experts.

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At Find Us Now, you can browse through many specialists who provide commercial and residential trash and clutter pickup services. Whether you are moving, or doing a thorough spring cleaning and need items removed from your property, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need.

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Explain the situation to the experts and get a no-obligation quote. Our listed providers offer a wide variety of services to fit any budget. You will find the best rates in the United States and the best service. It's what makes our listings stand out from the rest.


The specialists at Find Us Now are all qualified and experienced. They offer reliable, environmentally-friendly, and efficient junk removal services and are fully licensed and insured to provide the best solutions for every client’s needs. Whether you need a full trash pickup service, to hire a dumpster rental or a garbage management expert, you will find the right professional right here.

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When you call one of the junk removal service listings on this site, you can be sure that any service provider you choose will do a thorough job, responsibly handle any garbage disposal, and leave your property 100% junk-free. Don't settle for anything less than experts with years of experience in waste management. They have the skills, knowledge, and experience to do a thorough job.

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Thousands of people in your area need the help of professionals every day. But how do they find the right one? We created a hub that lets professionals offer their services directly to the people like you. It is no longer necessary to rely on impersonal directories in search for “the best Junk Removal near me”. You can do it yourself through Find Us Now and see what others think of their services. Get connected with hundreds of professionals in your area and filter the results to find the perfect match for you. Find Us Now is not only a website. It is an effective tool that puts professionals and customers together. Give our search options a try today!

It works both ways. If you want to widen your customer base, get your own Find Us Now profile and start offering your services to thousands of clients in your area. Every time anyone searches “Junk Removal near me”, you can be certain they will find you and get all your information within seconds. It´s easier now to promote your services and find jobs. And clients can be sure they are hiring high rated professionals every time. We believe in freedom and the power of word-of-mouth reviews. It is the best way to make sure every customer is satisfied with a job well done. Find Us Now is for everyone. Start getting new customers and take control of your own business Now!

Don´t waste your entire morning shopping around and trying to find a local pro when you need one. Find Us Now makes it easy for you and your community to find small businesses or freelancers in your area that are more than happy to assist you. Type in “Junk Removal near me” and start comparing prices and services right away.

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When you search for “Junk Removal near me” on any browser, we will show up on the top results for a reason. The experts at Find Us Now have decades of experience dealing with junk removal and garbage disposal services, dumpster rentals. You will be able to find a company to do the job you need within our listings. The companies listed here work on residential or commercial junk removal services and can handle a wide array of items. These include home and kitchen appliances, carpets, tubs, construction debris, tires, furniture, and more. Our listed providers can help you clean out your basement, garage, crawlspaces, shed, storage unit, etc. They can also take care of after-renovation trash pickup, estate cleanouts, construction site junk removal, and more. They’ll work at your convenience and quickly and efficiently clear your property from all the clutter. There’s no junk removal job they can’t handle, no matter how big or small. All you have to do is give them a call and watch while all the junk is hauled away.

Moving houses or changing offices, decluttering you home, or removing garbage and debris from a construction site can a be tiring and time-consuming task, not to mention it poses some risks to your mental and physical integrity. It can trigger stress and anxiety, you could strain your back or suffer physical injury, there’s even a risk of poisoning. The best way to prevent this is by letting a qualified and experienced crew handle the process. They know how to safely remove and transport potentially dangerous items and how properly handle heavy objects.

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At Find Us Now, you will find experienced junk removal services to help you dispose of unwanted items from small and large home appliances to furniture, electronic equipment, clothing, books, and more.

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Benefits of working with us

The benefits of working with proven professionals in your area are many. We not only make it easier for you to find the best junk removal services near you, but we also make sure they are highly recommended and offer an unparalleled service. Instead of searching for “junk removal near me,” browse through hundreds of providers who can help you clean out any space of your home or office. Some also offer self-service dumpster rental, estate cleanout, recycling services, and labor-only services. These professionals are the ones your community trusts and are minutes away from you.

  • Environmentally-conscious junk removal

    Instead of taking all the items straight to a landfill, many of the providers listed are committed to providing sustainable garbage disposal services. The professionals you hire through Find Us Now will carefully sort the whatever objects you need clearing out and donate what they can to local non-profits. Items that can’t be repurposed at all, will be broken down and recycled whenever possible.

  • Transparency and reliability

    The experts at Find Us Now guarantee on-time arrival and price assurance. The price you end up paying will never be higher than the quote you received. They will provide donation receipts when applicable, which you can file as a tax-deductible and offset the cost of the junk removal service.

  • Protect your health and safety

    Removing a significant amount of junk from your yard or office yourself can be hazardous, both to your physical and to your mental health. Why take the chance of hurting yourself when hiring a licensed company will ensure everything is done properly and safely? A professional crew is trained and equipped to handle any job size and to remove different types of objects, including potentially toxic substances such as old cleaning products.

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Why hire a Professional

It is very convenient to hire the services of a qualified junk removal company. Your only job will be to let them know where the items to be removed are located. They use specialized equipment for the removal process and are trained to do it efficiently and with safety, health and environmental standards. When you hire a junk removal service from Find Us Now, you get professionals who are always ready to help. You also get the best workforce and technology available. You can trust the specialists near you to help you get rid of even the most burdensome items. The specialists on our database know what they are doing, and it shows in the results.

How do I know if I Need Junk Removal?

  • Can you do it yourself?

    As we have explained before, DIY junk removal is a job that entails many health and environmental hazards. Some of the risks include cutting yourself, lower back and neck injury, poisoning, and even stress and anxiety from throwing away items with sentimental value. To avoid exposure to these risks, you should hire a professional who will work systematically to clear out your property and dispose of all the items adequately.

  • Do you have the time to do it yourself?

    Clearing a large amount of clutter from your home, office, or store can take hours or even days. If you don’t want to spend your free time doing this, you can contact any of the junk removal companies on our database. They will remove any unwanted items for you – big or small. Take care of other business or simply enjoy your free time, while a professional does the heavy lifting.

  • Do you know how to responsibly dispose of everything?

    If the answer is no, then this is another indication that you need the help of a professional. If you don't know what you’ll do with everything once it’s loaded on your rented dumpster, then you are better off hiring a junk removal company to haul it away. It's much easier to hire a specialist with the experience and equipment necessary to get the job done right and safely.

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These are obvious signs that you need the help of a junk removal expert. If there is any doubt in your mind at all about how to do it, have some health issues, or you simply don’t want to take the risks involved in doing it yourself, call one of the specialists listed on this site to help you.

Don't put yourself in danger just to save a few bucks. Have one of our listed specialists help you. They’ll make sure the work gets done quickly, professionally, and safely for everyone involved. Additionally, they will get rid of everything responsibly. This means that only the items that can’t be recycled, donated, or repurposed will end up in the landfill. They have a commitment to the environment and to the communities they serve, and their work and reputation show it.

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Are you on the lookout for “the best Junk Removal near me”? Our massive database surely can help you choose the one that best suits your needs. This potent tool helps you get things done without wait times and, more importantly, let´s you negotiate the rates directly with your provider. If you are a professional who wants to start a business, or a freelancer in search for more customers in your area, you can also take advantage of our service by creating a professional profile in Find Us Now. If you have any questions about how our website can help you, leave your feedback below.

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